Accepted Papers : Doctoral Consortium

Coordination of Electric Vehicle Aggregator Participation in the Day-Ahead Market (Doctoral Consortium)
Alvaro Perez-Diaz

Bringing Multi-agent Path Finding Closer to Reality
Jiri Svancara

Realistic Agents with Social Practices
Rijk Mercuur

Incremental Learning of Mental Models for Behavior Understanding (Doctoral Consortium)
Jan Poppel

Decentralized Reinforcement Learning inspired by Multiagent Systems
Dhaval Adjodah

Transfer of Social Human-Human Interaction to Social Human-Agent Interaction
Tanja Schneeberger

K-ACE: an innovative Multi-Component and Multi-Level Architecture (Doctoral Consortium)
Valentina Pitoni

Collaborative Adaptive Autonomous Agents
Mirgita Frasheri

Socially-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Personalized Human-Robot Interaction
Hannes Ritschel

Towards a Policy-Based Distributed Data-Sharing Economy (Doctoral Consortium)
Samuel Cauvin

Join the Group Formations using Social Cues in Social Robots
Sai Krishna Pathi

Collaborative Privacy Management in Online Social Networks
Onuralp Ulusoy

Generating Policies for Persuasion Dialogues
Tanja N. Daub

Scalable Task and Motion Planning for Multi-Robot Systems in Obstacle-Rich Environments (Doctoral Consortium)
Wolfgang Hoenig

Utility Decomposition for Planning under Uncertainty for Autonomous Driving
Maxime Bouton

Multi-issue Voting with Propositional Goals
Arianna Novaro

Incident Prediction and Response Optimization
Ayan Mukhopadhyay

Agent-Based Probabilistic Models of Social Interaction (Doctoral Consortium)
Chad Crawford

Distributed Task Allocation Optimisation Techniques
Joanna Turner

A Self-Configurable IoT Agent System based on Environmental Variability
Nathalia Nascimento

Multiagent scheduling optimization in dynamic environments under energy constraints (Doctoral Consortium)
Erez Hartuv

Adaptive Dynamic Pricing for Market-based Allocation of Interdependent Commodities
Jan Mrkos

Personalized Robot Tutors that Learn from Multimodal Data (Doctoral Consortium)
Samuel Spaulding