Useful Last-Minute Information

Weather in Stockholm

Stockholm is located in the northern part of Europe at the sea. It is usually windy and not very dry over long periods. However, currently we enjoy a surprisingly long sequence of wonderful sunny and dry days. The current weather forecast for Stockholm (July 3rd to July 12th) contains some clouds and a little rain for the AAMAS week, but there is no reason to continue being optimistic. Nevertheless, do not rely on really warm and do not expect really cold weather, don't forget sweaters and jackets ... the layered approach is never wrong.

The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) – has a useful webpage with weather forecast on an hourly basis, including also warnings:
The page is in Swedish, but the information is mostly based on pictograms and numbers and should be generally understandable.

How to reach Stockholmsmässan from Stockholm Central Station

Mässvägen 1,
125 80 Älvsjö

SL – the public transportation provided in Stockholm - has a really good search engine:

Once you have reached Stockholm Central Station, you will find it easy to travel to Älvsjö Station – the station at which Stockholmsmässan is located. Currently the Swedish railway company has shut down all long-distance train traffic between Stockholm Central Station and Stockholm Södra (South) and tells everybody to use the commuter train between those two stations instead. These are exactly the trains that you need to use to go to Älvsjö. A negative consequence is that those trains will be fuller than usual, a positive consequence is that the signaling in Stockholm Central was improved dramatically! You can also find people in yellow vests everywhere ready to help lost travelers.

You need to follow the yellow signs with the “J”; you can find them even on the floor. All commuter trains that go towards Stockholm Södra continue to Älvsjö and start from the same platform (track 3 or 4) of the commuter train station far below the standard train station. After leaving Stockholm Södra, Älvsjö is the second stop.

After exiting the train in Älvsjö, you go up stairs to the station, leave the passenger area and turn left – follow the sign towards Stockholmsmässan. After ca. 200m meters downhill on a roofed path, you see the entrance of Stockholmsmässan to your left, like in the picture below:

You enter the building through one of the doors. The registration area is behind the information desk to the left which unfortunately blocks the line of sight between entrance and registration.

Registration Times

We will be open the registration desks on July 10 about 1 hour before the tutorial sessions will start. The planned opening hours are:

July 10 7:45 - 20:00
July 11 7:30 – 18:30
July 12 8:30 - 18:00
July 13 8:30 – 18:00
July 14 7:30 – 18:00
July 15 8:30 – 12:30

Stockholmsmässan and Food

Stockholmsmässan has a number of restaurants or places where you can grab food or sit down to eat. The following drawing of the venue shows the AAMAS areas (red circles) and food spaces (blue rectangles)

However, you may find their offer a bit expensive. There are not many alternatives, but they exist: Scandic Talk Hotel offers a lunch buffet for 125 SEK – yet, that might be a little bit crowded. On the other side of the Älvsjö train station, there is a place with a number of opportunities: Älvsjö Torg. You enter the railway station and instead of turning right and going into the passenger area, you continue straight ahead. There, you can find not just a COOP supermarket and a small Subway restaurant, but also Wok restaurant or Vibels Bakery which offers a selection of salads, sandwiches and nice typical Swedish pastry. At Älvsjö Torg you can also find a pharmacy.
With the good and fast train connection to Stockholm C, it may be feasible to go there during the 1,5h lunch break – but be back in time!