Best Paper Award Nominations

Best Paper Nominees
  • Siddharth Barman, Sanath Kumar Krishnamurthy, Rohit Vaish.
    Greedy Algorithms for Maximizing Nash Social Welfare
  • Mohammad Irfan, Tucker Gordon
    The Power of Context in Networks: Ideal Point Models with Social Interactions
  • Wojciech Jamroga, Wojciech Penczek, Piotr Dembiński, Antoni Mazurkiewicz
    Towards Partial Order Reductions for Strategic Ability
Best Student Paper Nominees
  • Melrose Roderick, Christopher Grimm, Stefanie Tellex
    Deep Abstract Q-Networks
  • Raquel Rosés, Cristina Kadar, Charlotte Gerritsen, Chris Ovi Rouly
    Agent-Based Simulation of Offender Mobility: Integrating Activity Nodes from Location-Based Social Networks
  • Bryan Wilder; Laura Onasch-Vera, Juliana Hudson, Jose Luna; Nicole Wilson, Robin Petering, Darlene Woo, Milind Tambe, Eric Rice
    End-to-End Influence Maximization in the Field
Best Robotics Paper Nominees
  • Daniel Beßler, Mihai Pomarlan, Michael Beetz
    OWL-enabled Assembly Planning for Robotic Agents
  • Shih-Yun Lo, Shiqi Zhang, Peter Stone
    PETLON: Planning Efficiently for Task-Level-Optimal Navigation
  • Anoop Aroor, Susan Epstein
    Online learning for crowd-sensitive path planning
Best Socially Interactive Agents Paper Nominees
  • Hendrik Buschmeier, Stefan Kopp
    Communicative Listener Feedback in Human–Agent Interaction: Artificial Speakers Need to Be Attentive and Adaptive
  • Johnathan Mell, Gale Lucas, Jonathan Gratch
    Welcome to the Real World: How Agent Strategy Increases Human Willingness to Deceive
  • Jan Pöppel, Stefan Kopp
    Satisficing Models of Bayesian Theory of Mind to Explain the Behavior of Differently Uncertain Agents