11 July 2018
DAGGER: Datalog+/- Argumentation Graph GEneRator
Follow the White Robot - A Role-Playing Game with a Robot Game Master
A Driver Guidance System for Taxis in Singapore
A Simulation Tool for Large-Scale Online Ridesharing
DEMO: Human-UAV Teaming in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments
Dynamic Escape Game
Enable Automated Emergency Responses Through An Agent-Based Computer-Aided Dispatch System
A Generic Platform for Training Social Skills with Adaptive Virtual Agents
A Unified Opinion Framework Simulator
HATP: Hierarchical Agent-based Task Planner
12 July 2018
CARPooL: Collective Adaptation using concuRrent PLanning
Flexible Multi-Agent System for Distributed Coordination, Transportation & Localisation
Seeking Prevention of Cognitive Decline in Elders via Activity Suggestion by A Virtual Caregiver
Interactive Robot Transition Repair With SMT: Demonstration
LightJason: Highly scalable and concurrent framework for cognitive behaviour modelling and simulation
Sarah the Virtual Advisor to Reduce Study Stress (Demonstration)
Multi-Robot Simultaneous Coverage and Mapping of Complex Scene
Composite Capabilities for Cloud Manufacturing
Development of Real-World Agent System For Werewolf Game