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Call for Papers

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AAMAS-08 encourages the submission of theoretical, experimental, methodological, engineering and application papers across a broad range of agent topics. All papers should:

  • Make clear their contribution to the AAMAS field;
  • Place their work in the context of relevant related work;
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their approach.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Agent-based system development:

  • Agent-oriented software engineering
  • Agent development environments
  • Agent languages
  • Case studies and implemented systems
  • P2P, web services, grid computing


  • Learning (single and multi-agent)
  • Computational architectures for learning
  • Evolution, adaptation

Agent Reasoning:

  • Reasoning (single and multi-agent)
  • Planning (single and mult-agent)
  • Cognitive models
  • Ontological reasoning

Agent Cooperation:

  • Teamwork, coalition formation, coordination
  • Distributed problem solving
  • Biologically-inspired methods

Agent theories, Models and Architectures:

  • Formal models of agency
  • Modeling other agents and self
  • BDI, speech act theory
  • Reactive vs deliberative
  • Logic-based methods
  • Bounded rationality

Agent societies and Societal issues:

  • Artificial social systems
  • Trust and reputation
  • Social and organizational structure
  • Privacy, safety and security
  • Ethical and legal issues

Agent communication:

  • Communication languages
  • Communication protocols
  • Agent commitments

Economic paradigms:

  • Electronic markets and institutions
  • Economically-motivated agents
  • Game theory (cooperative and non-cooperative)
  • Social choice theory, voting protocols
  • Auction and mechanism design
  • Argumentation, negotiation and bargaining

Agent-based simulations:

  • Emergent behaviour
  • Simulation-specific issues

The conference also welcomes relevant papers from related fields such as P2P computing, web services, autonomic and grid computing, as long as the link is made to relevance and work within the agents community.


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