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Paper Submission

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This year the conference is soliciting full papers (8 pages) and short papers (4 pages). Accepted full length papers will receive a slot for oral presentation in the conference. In addition, both full and short papers will be presented in poster sessions and appear in the conference proceedings.

Short papers are encouraged as a mechanism for both important results that can be succinctly presented, as well as the timely reporting of interesting but preliminary work, that may not as yet have the level of evaluation or detail that would be expected for a full paper.  The program chairs may, at their discretion, accept papers submitted as full papers into the short paper track.

Both full and short papers will be peer reviewed rigorously and evaluated on the basis of originality, contribution to the field, soundness, significance, presentation, understanding of the state of the art, and overall quality of the contribution. Reviewing will be double blind, therefore please avoid including anything that can be used to identify paper authors.

Submissions should be made electronically in PDF format, following the formatting instructions below. For initial submission, the author field must contain the paper tracking number assigned to the paper after abstract registration instead of author names. Submissions must not have appeared before (or be pending to appear) in a journal or conference with published proceedings, nor may they be under review or submitted to another forum during the AAMAS-08 review process.

All submissions will be (double) blind reviewed (i.e. in addition to authors not knowing the identity of reviewers, reviewers will not be told the identity of authors). Please ensure that you remove author names and contact details from your submission, by replacing the contents of the author field with "Tracking Number: ###", where ### is the Tracking Number you received when you submitted your abstract. Please also ensure that any reference to your own previous work is made in a way that does not disclose author identity. In some cases you may consider removing citations to your own previous work until the final version.

Please submit all paper submissions via the ConfMaster website.

Submissions will be accepted starting Oct. 2, 2007
Abstracts must be submitted by Oct 23rd (midnight Eastern Standard Time)
Papers must be submitted by Oct 26th (midnight Eastern Standard Time)

Formatting instructions

LaTeX Users:

1. Please use this LaTeX2e style.
It's a trivial modification of the ACM LaTeX style, with the AAMAS 2008 info and IFAAMAS copyright info inserted. The size of the copyright slug is only half the size of the original ACM style. If there are problems with the style file, please contact the publication chair, not ACM, as they will NOT give support for the modified style files.

2. Please use the 'abbrv' bibliography style. To do so, please insert the following line at the end of your document (before \end{document}) :

3. Please use Type 1 fonts for your .ps file. Click here for help. If you still have difficulty check with your system administrator.

4. Format your document for American Letter paper (8-1/2x11): To ensure your submission is formatted for Letter paper, use \documentclass[letterpaper]{aamas2008} in your LaTeX file, and use "dvips -t letter".

Short Papers:

For Short Paper submissions, the following style file should be used. It replaces every \subtitle command by the text: "(Short Paper)"  and adds information  to the copyright info.

For additional information, you may also have a look at this example and the comments therein.

Word Users:

Please use this template for Word with the corresponding modification of the ACM style. If there are problems with the template, please contact the publication chair, not ACM, as ACM will NOT give support for the modified template.

Short Papers:

For Short Paper submissions use this file as template. A subtitle "(Short Paper)" as well as the necessary copyright information is added.

Other word processing software

Follow this style description - again it describes the above mentioned small modification of the ACM style.

Short Papers:

For Short Paper submissions, follow the instructions in this style description. It corresponds to the style description of the full paper, except for a subtitle "(Short Paper)" and more information in the copyright  part.


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