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Abstract booklet available here. (This booklet will be included in the conference bag).

AAMAS programme booklet available here. (This booklet will be included in the conference bag).

Schedule Overview

 Wednesday May 14th Thursday May 15thFriday May 16th
 8.00-8.10 Registration Registration 
 8.20-8.30 Conference Opening 
 8.40-8.50 Invited Talk
 Demetri Terzopoulos
 Autonomous Virtual Humans and Lower Animals:
 From Biomechanics to Intelligence
Invited Talk
 Moshe Tennenholtz
 Game Theoretic Recommendations:
 some progress in an uphill battle
Invited talk
 Randy Beard
 Cooperative Control of Small and Micro Air Vehicles
 9.40-9.50 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
 10.10-10.20 Session 1
 Virtual Agents I
 Agent Based System Devt I + FIPA
 Agent Communication
 Agent Societies and Societal Issues
  Economic Paradigms I
Session 4
  Agent Theories Models and Architectures II
Future of
   Software Engineering and MAS - FOSE-MAS 
 Agent Simulations/Emergent Behaviour Economic Paradigms IV
 Industry Track I
Session 7
 Virtual Agents III
 Agent Reasoning IV
 Agent cooperation IV
 Agent and Multi-Agent Learning III
 Economic Paradigms VII
 12.10-12.20 Lunch Lunch Lunch AAMAS Open Community Meeting
 13.40-13.50 Session 2
 Agent Theories Models and Architectures I
 Agent Cooperation I
 Agent and Multi-Agent Learning I
 Agent Reasoning I
 Economic Paradigms II
Session 5
 Virtual Agents II
 Agent and Multi-Agent Learning II
 Agent Reasoning III
 Economic Paradigms V
 Industry Track II
Session 8
 Multi-Robotics III
 Agent Based System Devt. IV
 Economic Paradigms VIII
 14.20-14.30 Conference Closing
 15.00-15.10 Coffee Break Coffee Break Demos  
 15.30-15.40 Session 3
 Multi-Robotics I
 Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award talk
 Agent Reasoning II
 Agent Cooperation II
 Economic Paradigms III
 16.10-16.20 Session 6
 Multi-Robotics II
 Agent Based System Development III
 Agent Cooperation III
 Economic Paradigms VI
 Industry Track III 
 16.30-16.40 Drinks and Snacks    Posters A Demos  
 17.30-17.40 Posters B Demos  
 17.40-17.50 ACM-SIGART Award Talk Yoav Shoham
 Computer Science and Game Theory
 18.30-18.40 Posters C Demos
 18.40-18.50 Buses depart for dinner: 18.45 sharp 
19.30-19.40     Conference Dinner 

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Detailed Schedule

Wednesday May 14th, Session 1

 Paper  Virtual Agents I  Paper  Agent Based System Development I  Paper  Agent Communication  Paper  Agent Societies and Societal Issues  Paper  Economic paradigms I
 526   An Empathic Virtual Dialog Agent to Improve Human-Machine Interaction  58   Cost-Based BDI Plan Selection for Change Propagation  2  The Interoperability of Agents  38  Robust Normative Systems  25  Strategic Betting for Competitive Agents
 336   ERIC: A Generic Rule-based Framework for an Affective Embodied Commentary Agent  256   Integrating Artifact-Based Environments with Heterogeneous Agent-Programming Platforms  30   Annotation and Matching of First-Class Agent Interaction Protocols  217   Sequential Decision Making with Untrustworthy Service Providers  264   Synthesis of Strategies from Interaction Traces
 706   The Identification of Users by Relational Agents  317   A Platform Independent Agent-based Modeling Language  144   Agent Communication in Ubiquitous Computing: the Ubismart Approach  334  A Statistical Relational Model for Trust Learning  162  Artificial agents learning human fairness
 179   Trackside DEIRA: A Dynamic Engaging Intelligent Reporter Agent FIPA Meeting  737   Using Organization Knowledge to Improve Routing Performance in Wireless Multi-Agent Networks  596   The Conclusion of Contracts by Software Agents in the Eyes of the Law  742   Self-Interested Database Managers Playing The View Maintenance Game
 812   Does the Contingency of Agents’ Nonverbal Feedback Affect Users’ Social Anxiety?  741   Conjunctive Queries for Ontology based Agent Communication in MAS  863   Norm Emergence Under Constrained Interactions in Diverse Societies  113   Zero-Intelligence Agents in Prediction Markets
 821   The Design of a Generic Framework for Integrating ECA Components  126   A Cooperation-Based Model For Evolution Of Service Ontologies  436   Checking Correctness of Business Contracts via Commitments  204   The Effects of Market-Making on Price Dynamics

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Wednesday May 14th, Session 2


 Paper  Agent Theories Models and Architectures I  Paper  Agent Cooperation I Paper   Agent and Multi-Agent Learning I  Paper  Agent Reasoning I  Paper  Economic Paradigms II
 52   Quantifying Over Coalitions in Epistemic Logic  757   Regulating Air Traffic Flow with Coupled Agents  47   Autonomous Transfer for Reinforcement Learning  479   Goal Generation with Relevant and Trusted Beliefs  57   Playing Games for Security: An Efficient Exact Algorithm for Solving Bayesian Stackelberg Games
 104  Coalitions and Announcements  319   Decentralized Algorithms for Collision Avoidance in Airspace  62   Analysis of an Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning Method in a Multiagent Domain  56   Suspending and Resuming Tasks in Intelligent Agents  659   Solving two-person zero-sum repeated games of incomplete information
 544   Modelling Coalitions: ATL + Argumentation 770   Heuristics for Negotiation Schedules in Multi-plan Optimization  635   The Utility of Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning  389   Goal Change in the Context of Beliefs: Partial Implication, Logical Properties, and Complexity  658   A heads-up no-limit Texas Hold'em poker player: Discretized betting models and automatically generat
 175  Information-based Deliberation  135   Reaction Functions for Task Allocation to Cooperative Agents  368  Switching Dynamics of Multi-Agent Learning  511  Belief Operations for Motivated BDI Agents  313   Computing an Approximate Jam/Fold Equilibrium for 3-Agent No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments

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Wednesday May 14th, Session 3


 Paper  Multi-Robotics I Paper  Victor Lesser Distinguished Dissertation Award talk Paper   Agent Reasoning II Paper   Agent Cooperation II Paper   Economic Paradigms III
 495   Adaptive Multi-Robot Wide-Area Exploration and Mapping    29   A constrained argumentation system for practical reasoning  272   Role-Based Teamwork Activity Recognition in Observations of Embodied Agent Actions  775   Anonymity-Proof Shapley Value: Extending Shapley Value for Coalitional Games in Open Environments
 667   A Decentralized Approach to Cooperative Situation Assessment in Multi-Robot Systems    222   Using Enthymemes in an Inquiry Dialogue System  554   Tags and Image Scoring for Robust Cooperation  82   An anytime approximation method for the inverse Shapley value problem
 476   Self-organized Flocking with a Mobile Robot Swarm    822   A dialogue mechanism for public argumentation using conversation policies  359   Efficiently Determining the Appropriate Mix of Personal Interaction and Reputation Information in Partner Choice  124  Approximating Power Indices

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Thursday May 15th, Session 4


Paper   Agent Theories Models and Architectures II Paper   Future of Software Engineering and MAS - FOSE-MAS  Paper  Agent Simulations/ Emergent Behaviour  Paper  Industry Track I  Paper  Economic Paradigms IV
 731  A Temporal Logic for Markov Chains    10   Resource Limitations, Transmission Costs and Critical Thresholds in Scale-Free Networks  1 Autonomic Machine Control - A Case Study  7   Automated Design of Scoring Rules by Learning from Examples
 646  Model-Checking Agent Refinement    67   Agent-Based Simulation of the Spatial Dynamics of Crime  2 An Interactive Platform for Auction-Based Allocation of Loads in Transportation Logistics  39   Evaluation of election outcomes under uncertainty
 276   Goals in Agent Systems: A Unifying Framework    278   Reusing Models in Multi-Agent Simulation with Software Components  3 Pan-supplier Stock Control in a Virtual Warehouse 83   Complexity Issues in Preference Elicitation and Manipulation
 525   Subjective model and private multi agent belief revision    555   Agent-based Models for Animal Cognition: A Proposal and Prototype  4 WADE: A software platform to develop mission critical applications exploiting agents and workflows 85   Divide and Conquer: False-Name Manipulations in Weighted Voting Games
 191   Anchoring Institutions in Agents' Attitudes: Towards a Logical Framework for Autonomous MAS    592   Multi Agent Based Simulation of Transport Chains  5 BDI-Agents for Agile Goal-Oriented Business Processes  293  Copeland Voting: Ties Matter
 235   Verifying time, memory and communication bounds in systems of reasoning agents    236   Programming Agents as a Means of Capturing Self-Strategy  6 Agent-based Patient Admission Scheduling in Hospitals 8   A Broader Picture of the Complexity of Strategic Behavior in Multi-Winner Elections

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Thursday May 15th, Session 5


Paper   Virtual Agents II  Paper  Agent and Multi-Agent Learning II  Paper  Agent Reasoning III Paper   Industry Track II  Paper  Economic Paradigms V
 858   Being a Part of the Crowd: Toward Validating VR Crowds Using Presence  627   Modeling how Humans Reason about Others with Partial Information  36   An Exact Algorithm for Solving MDPs under Risk-Sensitive Objective with One-Switch Utility Functions  7 Case Studies for Contract-based Systems 46   Power and Stability in Connectivity Games
 160   Simulation of Spontaneous Reactive Behavior  631   Simultaneously Modeling Humans' Preferences and their Beliefs about Others' Preferences  783   Controlling Deliberation in a Markov Decision Process-Based Agent  8 Electronic contracting in aircraft aftercare: A case study 198   A Tractable and Expressive Class of Marginal Contribution Nets and Its Applications
 779   SmartBody: Behavior Realization for Embodied Conversational Agents  385   Opponent Modelling in Automated Multi-Issue Negotiation Using Bayesian Learning  26  Generalized Adaptive A* A Multi-Agent Simulation System for Prediction and Scheduling of Aero Engine Overhaul  51  Cooperative Boolean Games
 475   Distinctiveness in multimodal behaviors 617   A Few Good Agents: Multi-Agent Social Learning  543   A Model of Contingent Planning for Agent Programming Languages  10 Transitioning Multiagent Technology to UAV Applications 35  Coalitional Skill Games

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Thursday May 15th, Session 6


 Paper  Multi-Robotics II  Paper  Agent Based System Development III Paper   Agent Cooperation III Paper   Industry Track III Paper   Economic Paradigms VI
 700   Autonomous Geocaching: Navigation and Goal Finding in Outdoor Domains  505   A Model-driven, Agent-based Approach for the Integration of Services into a Collaborative BP  112  On K-Optimal Distributed Constraint Optimization Algorithms: New Bounds and Algorithms  11 Autonomic Multi-Agent Management of Power and Performance in Data Centers 19   Mechanism Design for Abstract Argumentation
 381   The Impact of Adversarial Knowledge on Adversarial Planning in Perimeter Patrol  509   Flexible Service Provisioning with Advance Agreements  111   Evaluating the Performance of DCOP Algorithms in a Real World, Dynamic Problem 12  Cooperative search for optimizing pipeline operations 54   Undominated VCG Redistribution Mechanisms
 681   A Realistic Model of Frequency-Based Multi-Robot Fence Patrolling  420   Exploiting Organisational Information for Service Coordination in Multiagent Systems  22  BnB-ADOPT: An Asynchronous Branch-and-Bound DCOP Algorithm 13  Deployed ARMOR Protection: The Application of a Game Theoretic Model for Security at the Los Angeles International Airport 622   Optimal-in-Expectation Redistribution Mechanisms

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Friday May 16th, Session 7


Paper   Virtual Agents III  Paper  Agent Reasoning IV  Paper  Agent cooperation IV  Paper  Agent and Multi-Agent Learning III Paper   Economic Paradigms VII
 760   Modeling Parallel and Reactive Empathy in Virtual Agents: An Inductive Approach  277   Not All Agents Are Equal: Scaling up Distributed POMDPs for Agent Networks  477   Automated Global-to-Local Programming in 1-D Spatial Multi-Agent Systems  195   Sequential Decision Making in Repeated Coalition Formation under Uncertainty  200   Stochastic Search Methods for Nash Equilibrium Approximation in Simulation-Based Games
 366   Towards Background Emotion Modeling for Embodied Virtual Agents  244   The Permutable POMDP: Fast Solutions to POMDPs for Preference Elicitation  240   An Approach to Online Optimization of Heuristic Coordination Algorithms  380   Emerging coordination in infinite team Markov games  223   Searching for Approximate Equilibria in Empirical Games
 229   MADeM: a multi-modal decision making for social MAS  482   Value-Based Observation Compression for DEC-POMDPs  269   Using Multi-agent Potential Fields in Real-time Strategy Games  647   Approximate Predictive State Representations  32   Computationally-efficient Winner Determination for Mixed Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions
 383   Dynamic Bayesian Network Based Interest Estimation for Visual Attentive Presentation Agents  836   No-Regret Learning and a Mechanism for Distributed Multi-Agent Planning  270   Decentralised Coordination of Low-Power Embedded Devices Using the Max-Sum Algorithm  721   MB-AIM-FSI : A Model Based Framework for exploiting gradient ascent MultiAgent Learners in Strategic  790   Characterizing effective auction mechanisms: Insights from the 2007 TAC market design competition
 786   A Model of Gaze for the Purpose of Emotional Expression in Virtual Embodied Agents  189   Exploiting Locality of Interaction in Factored Dec-POMDPs  747   Look Where You Can See:Predictability & Criticality Metrics for Coordination in Complex Environments  853  Sigma Point Policy Iteration  780   Mobile Opportunistic Commerce: Mechanisms, Architecture, and Application
 548   Politeness and Alignment in Dialogues with a Virtual Guide  190   Local interactions in decentralized multi-agent planning under uncertainty  762   Aligning social welfare and agent preferences to alleviate traffic congestion  49  Dynamics Based Control with PSRs  725   Selecting Strategies Using Empirical Game Models: An Experimental Analysis of Meta-Strategies

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Friday May 16th, Session 8


 Paper  Multi-Robotics III  Paper  Agent Based System Devt. IV Paper   Economic Paradigms VIII
 697   Sensing-based Shape Formation on Modular Multi-Robot Systems: A Theoretical Study  515   Towards verifying compliance in agent-based Web service compositions  37   Distributed Multiagent Resource Allocation in Diminishing Marginal Return Domains
 474   PNP: A Formal Model for Representation and Execution of Multi-Robot Plans.  242   Semantic Matchmaking of Web Services using Model Checking  572   Trajectories of Goods in Distributed Allocation

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