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Nomination for Pragnesh Jay Modi Best Student Paper Award

  • Sensing-based Shape Formation on Modular Multi-Robot Systems: A Theoretical Study, by Chih-Han Yu and Radhika Nagpal (Multi-robots track)
  • Modeling Parallel and Reactive Empathy in Virtual Agents: An Inductive Approach. Scott McQuiggan, Jennifer Robison, Robert Phillips, and James Lester. (Virtual agents track)
  • The Permutable POMDP: Fast Solutions to POMDPs for Preference Elicitation, by Doshi Finale and Nicholas Roy
  • Computing an Approximate Jam/Fold Equilibrium for 3-player No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournaments, by Sam Ganzfried and Tuomas Sandholm
  • Anonymity-Proof Shapley Value: Extending Shapley Value for Coalitional Games in Open Environments, by Naoki Ohta, Vincent Conitzer, Yasufumi Satoh, Atsushi Iwasaki, and Makoto Yokoo
  • Approximate Predictive State Representations, by Britton Wolfe, Michael James, and Satinder Singh.

Nomination for Best Paper Award

  • SmartBody: Behavior Realization for Embodied Conversational Agents, by Marcus Thiebaux,Andrew Marshall,Stacy Marsella, and Marcelo Kallmann (Virtual agents track)
  • Cooperative Boolean Games, by Paul Dunne, Sarit Kraus, Wiebe van der Hoek, and Michael Wooldridge
  • Agent Communication in Ubiquitous Computing: the Ubismart Approach, by Jurriaan van Diggelen, Robbert-Jan Beun, Rogier van Eijk, and Peter J. Werkhoven

Nomination for Best Industry Track Paper Award

  • WADE: A software platform to develop mission critical applications exploiting agents and workflows Giovanni Caire, Danilo Gotta, Massimo Banzi
  • Cooperative search for optimizing pipeline operations T. Mora, A.B. Sesay, J. Denzinger, H. Golshan, G. Poissant, C. Konecnik
  • Deployed ARMOR Protection: The Application of a Game Theoretic Model for Security at the Los Angeles International Airport James Pita, Manish Jain, Janusz Marecki, Fernando Ordonez, Christopher Portway, Milind Tambe, Craig Western, Praveen Paruchuri, Sarit Kraus
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