Accepted Papers : Main Track

Full Papers

Autonomous Object-Oriented Curriculum Generation for Reinforcement Learning
Felipe Leno Da Silva, Anna Helena Reali Costa

Modelling Multiple Influences Diffusion in On-line Social Networks
Weihua Li, Quan Bai, Minjie Zhang, Tung Doan Nguyen

A Ranking Semantics based on Subgraphs Analysis
Pierpaolo Dondio

Second-Order Know-How Strategies
Pavel Naumov, Jia Tao

Competitive Equilibrium for almost All Incomes
Erel Segal-Halevi

Fairly Dividing a Cake after Some Parts Were Burnt in the Oven
Erel Segal-Halevi

On a Flexible Representation for Defeasible Reasoning Variants
Abdelraouf Hecham, Pierre Bisquert, Madalina Croitoru

Evaluating the Stability of Non-Adaptive Trading in Continuous Double Auctions
Mason Wright, Michael Wellman

Greedy Algorithms for Maximizing Nash Social Welfare
Siddharth Barman, Sanath Kumar Krishnamurthy, Rohit Vaish

Hypersequential Argumentation Frameworks: An Instantiation in the Modal Logic S5
Ofer Arieli, AnneMarie Borg

A Scheduling-Based Approach to Multi-Agent Path Finding with Weighted and Capacitated Arcs
Roman Barták, Jiří Švancara, Marek Vlk

Socially Friendly and Group Protecting Coalition Logics
Valentin Goranko, Sebastian Enqvist

Controlling Elections through Social Influence
Bryan Wilder, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik

Stability and Pareto Optimality in Refugee Allocation Matchings
Haris Aziz, Jiayin Chen, Serge Gaspers, Zhaohong Sun

Price-based Online Mechanisms for Settings with Uncertain Future Procurement Costs and Multi-Unit Demand
Keiichiro Hayakawa, Enrico Gerding, Sebastian Stein, Takahiro Shiga

Human-Interactive Subgoal Supervision for Efficient Inverse Reinforcement Learning
xinlei pan, Yilin Shen

Optimal Constraint Collection for Core-selecting Path Mechanism
Hao Cheng, Lei Zhang, Yi Zhang, Jun Wu, Chongjun Wang

Towards Partial Order Reductions for Strategic Ability
Wojciech Jamroga, Wojciech Penczek, Piotr Dembiński, Antoni Mazurkiewicz

Gerrymandering Over Graphs
Amittai Cohen-Zemach, Yoad Lewenberg, Jeffrey Rosenschein

Between Proportionality and Diversity: Balancing District Sizes under the Chamberlin–Courant Rule
Piotr Faliszewski, Nimrod Talmon
Proportionally Representative Participatory Budgeting: Axioms and Algorithms
Haris Aziz, Barton Lee, Nimrod Talmon

Optimization-Based Voting Rule Design: The Closer to Utopia the Better
Piotr Faliszewski, Stanislaw Szufa, Nimrod Talmon

A Generic Domain Pruning Technique for GDL-based DCOP algorithms in Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems
Md. Mosaddek Khan, Long Tran-Thanh, Nick Jennings

A Near-Optimal Node-to-Agent Mapping Heuristic for GDL-based DCOP Algorithms in Multi-Agent Systems
Md. Mosaddek Khan, Long Tran-Thanh, William Yeoh, Nick Jennings

Assigning Tasks to Workers based on Historical Data: Online Task Assignment with Two-sided Arrivals
John P. Dickerson, Karthik Abinav Sankararaman, Aravind Srinivasan, Pan Xu

HIGHLIGHTS: Summarizing Agent Behaviors to People
Dan Amir, Ofra Amir

The Power of Context in Networks: Ideal Point Models with Social Interactions
Mohammad Irfan, Tucker Gordon

Information Design in Crowdfunding under Thresholding Policies
Wen Shen, Jacob Crandall, Ke Yan, Cristina Lopes

More complexity results about reasoning over (m)CP-nets
Enrico Malizia

Heterogeneous Facility Location Games
Eleftherios Anastasiadis, Argyrios Deligkas

Proportionality and Strategyproofness in Multiwinner Elections
Dominik Peters

Boundedly Rational Voters in Large(r) Networks
Alan Tsang, Amirali Salehi-Abari, Kate Larson

Stackelberg Security Games with Multiple Uncoordinated Defenders
Jiarui Gan, Edith Elkind, Michael Wooldridge

Integrated Hybrid Planning and Programmed Control for Real–Time UAV Maneuvering
Miquel Ramirez, Michael Papasimeon, Nir Lipovetzky, Tim Miller, Adrian Pearce, Lyndon Benke, Enrico Scala, Mohammad Zamani
Optimizing network structure for preventative health
Bryan Wilder, Han Ching Ou, Kayla de la Haye, Milind Tambe

Efficient allocation mechanism with endowments and distributional constraints
Makoto Yokoo, Takamasa Suzuki, Akihisa Tamura

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Object Tracking
Pol Rosello, Mykel Kochenderfer

Diversity Constraints in Public Housing Allocation
Nawal Benabbou, Mithun Chakraborty, Xuan-Vinh Ho, Jakub Sliwinski, Yair Zick

Ranking mechanism design for price-setting agents in e-commerce
Qingpeng Cai, Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng

Balancing the Pain and Gain of Hobnobbing: Utility-Based Network Building over Attributed Social Networks
Yijin Cai, Hong Zheng, Jiamou Liu, Bo Yan, Yiping Liu

Playing the Wrong Game: Bounding Negative Externalities in Diverse Populations of Agents
Reshef Meir, David Parkes

Context-based and Explainable Decision Making with Argumentation
Zhiwei Zeng

Learning Temporal Strategic Relationships using Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning
Tharindu Fernando, Simon Denman, Sridha Sridharan, Clinton Fookes

Concurrent Game Structures for Temporal STIT Logic
Joseph Boudou, Emiliano Lorini

Model Checking Multi-Agent Systems against LDLK Specifications on Finite Traces
Jeremy Kong, Alessio Lomuscio

On the Complexity of Optimal Correlated Auctions and Reverse Auctions
Matthias Gerstgrasser

On Collusion and Coercion: Agent Interconnectedness and In-Group Behaviour
F. Jordan Srour, Neil Yorke-Smith

A normal modal logic for trust in the sincerity
Christopher Leturc, Gregory Bonnet

Efficient Reciprocal Collision Avoidance between Heterogeneous Agents Using CTMAT
Yuexin Ma, Dinesh Manocha, Wenping Wang

Design of Coalition Resistant Credit Score Functions for Online Discussion Forums
Ganesh Ghalme, SUJIT GUJAR, Amleshwar Kumar, Shweta Jain, Yadati Narahari

Phase Transition of the 2-Choices Dynamics on Core-Periphery Networks
Emilio Cruciani, Emanuele Natale, André Nusser, Giacomo Scornavacca

High-Multiplicity Election Problems
Zack Fitzsimmons, Edith Hemaspaandra

Stable Outcomes in Modified Fractional Hedonic Games
Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli, Yllka Velaj

Online Coalition Structure Generation in Graph Games
Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli, Michele Flammini, Mordechai Shalom, Shmuel Zaks

Compositional Correctness in Multiagent Interactions
Samuel Christie, Amit Chopra, Munindar Singh

Faster Policy Adaptation in Environments with Exogeneity: A State Augmentation Approach
Zhuoshu Li, Zhitang Chen, Pascal Poupart, Sanmay Das, Yanhui Geng

Learning Optimal Redistribution Mechanisms Through Neural Networks
Manisha Padala, Cv Jawahar, SUJIT GUJAR

Prioritized Sequent-Based Argumentation
Ofer Arieli, AnneMarie Borg, Christian Straßer

Constrained-Based Differential Privacy for Mobility Services
Ferdinando Fioretto, Chansoo Lee, Pascal Van Hentenryck

Hierarchical Agent Supervision
Bita Banihashemi, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Yves Lesperance

Do all tournaments admit irrelevant matches?
Marco Faella, Luigi Sauro

Collective Schedules: Scheduling Meets Computational Social Choice
Fanny Pascual, Krzysztof Rzadca, Piotr Skowron

Preference Elicitation with Interdependency and User Bother Cost
Tiep Le, Atena MTabakhi, Long Tran-Thanh, William Yeoh, Tran Cao Son

Eliminating Opportunism using an Epistemic Mechanism
Jieting Luo, Max Knobbout, John-Jules Meyer

On the Distance Between CP-nets
Andrea Loreggia, Nicholas Mattei, Francesca Rossi, K. Brent Venable

A Unified Framework for Opinion Dynamics
Adam Coates, Anthony Kleerekoper, Liangxu Han

Local Wealth Redistribution Promotes Cooperation in Multiagent Systems
Flávio Pinheiro, Fernando Santos

Equilibrium Refinement in Security Games with Arbitrary Scheduling Constraints
Kai Wang, Qingyu Guo, Phebe Vayanos, Milind Tambe, Bo An

Seasonal Goods and Spoiled Milk: Pricing for a Limited Shelf-Life
Atiyeh Ashari Ghomi, Allan Borodin, Omer Lev

Facility Location with Variable and Dynamic Populations
Yuho Wada, Tomohiro Ono, Taiki Todo, Makoto Yokoo

Arbitrage-free Pricing in User-based Markets
Chaolun Xia, Shan Muthukrishnan

Action Selection for Transparent Planning
Aleck MacNally, Nir Lipovetzky, Miquel Ramirez, Adrian Pearce

Activating the "Breakfast Club": Modeling Influence Spread in Natural-World Social Networks
Lily Hu, Bryan Wilder, Amulya Yadav, Eric Rice, Milind Tambe

Multi-armed bandit algorithms for crowdsourcing systems with online estimation of workers' ability
Anshuka Rangi, Massimo Franceschetti

End-to-End Influence Maximization in the Field
Bryan Wilder, Laura Onasch-Vera, Juliana Hudson, Jose Luna, Nicole Wilson, Robin Petering, Darlene Woo, Milind Tambe, Eric Rice

A Deep Policy Inference Q-Network for Multi-Agent Systems
Zhang-Wei Hong, Shih-Yang Su, Tzu-Yun Shann, Yi-Hsiang Chang, Chun-Yi Lee

Please be an Influencer? Contingency-Aware Influence Maximization
Amulya Yadav, Ritesh Noothigattu, Eric Rice, Laura Onasch-Vera, Leandro Soriano Marcolino, Venil Loyd Noronha, Milind Tambe

A Unifying Framework for Manipulation Problems
Matthias Mnich, Martin Koutecky, Dušan Knop

Agent-Based Simulation of Offender Mobility: Integrating Activity Nodes from Location-Based Social Networks
Raquel Rosés, Cristina Kadar, Charlotte Gerritsen, Chris Ovi Rouly

Slim-DP: A Multi-Agent System for Communication-Efficient Distributed Deep Learning
Shizhao Sun, Wei Chen, Jiang Bian, Xiaoguang Liu, Tie-Yan Liu

Modeling Assistant's Autonomy Constraints as a Means for Improving Autonomous Assistant-Agent Design
David Sarne, Nadav Lisovtsev

Recoverable Team Formation: Building Teams Resilient to Change
Emir Demirović, Nicolas Schwind, Tenda Okimoto, Katsumi Inoue

Feasible Negotiation Procedures for Multiple Interdependent Negotiations
Lei Niu, Fenghui Ren, Minjie Zhang

Moral values in norm decision making
Maite Lopez-Sanchez, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar, Javier Morales, Michael Wooldridge, Marc Serramia, Carlos Ansotegui, Manel Rodriguez

Strategyproof and fair matching mechanism for ratio constraints
Kentaro Yahiro, Yuzhe Zhang, Nathanael Barrot, Makoto Yokoo

Buyer-optimal distribution
Yulong Zeng, Pingzhong Tang, Weiran Shen

Automatic Synthesis of Efficient Regular Strategies in Adversarial Patrolling Games
David Klaska, Antonin Kucera, Tomas Lamser, Vojtech Rehak

Efficient Convention Emergence through Decoupled Reinforcement Social Learning with Teacher-Student Mechanism
Yixi Wang, Jianye Hao, Ho-fung Leung, Jianguo Wei, Wenhuan Lu

On Designing Optimal Data Purchasing Strategies for Online Ad Auctions
ZUN LI, Zhenzhe Zheng, Fan Wu, Guihai Chen

Epistemic Foundations for Generalised Planning with Nondeterminism
Vaishak Belle

Envy-Free Allocations Respecting Social Networks
Robert Bredereck, Andrzej Kaczmarczyk, Rolf Niedermeier

Revenue Maximization for Electric Vehicle Charging Service Providers using Sequential Dynamic Pricing
Jan Mrkos, Antonín Komenda, Michal Jakob

A Generalised Method for Empirical Game Theoretic Analysis
Karl Tuyls, Julien Perolat, Marc Lanctot, Joel Leibo, Thore Graepel

Local Envy-Freeness with Indivisible Goods
Aurélie Beynier, Laurent Gourves, Julien Lesca, Nicolas Maudet, Yann Chevaleyre, Anaëlle Wilczynski

Fair resource allocation over time
Bruno Escoffier, Evripidis Bampis, Sasa Mladenovic

Diversified Strategies in Games: Learning and Properties
Maria-Florina Balcan, Avrim Blum, Shang-Tse Chen

Local Equilibria in Logic-Based Multi-Player Games
Julian Gutierrez, Paul Harrenstein, Thomas Steeples, Michael Wooldridge

Lenient Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
Gregory Palmer, Karl Tuyls, Rahul Savani, Daan Bloembergen

Leveraging Statistical Multi-Agent Online Planning with Emergent Value Function Approximation
Thomy Phan, Lenz Belzner, Thomas Gabor, Kyrill Schmid

ComPAS: Community Preserving Sampling for Streaming Graphs
Sandipan Sikdar, Tanmoy Chakraborty, Soumya Sarkar, Niloy Ganguly, Animesh Mukherjee

Design of Influencing Agents to Aid Flock Formation in Low-Density Settings
Daniel Y. Fu, Emily S. Wang, Peter Krafft, Barbara Grosz

Learning and Updating User Models for Subpopulations in Persuasive Argumentation Using Beta Distributions
Emmanuel Hadoux, Anthony Hunter

Coordination of Electric Vehicle Aggregators: A Coalitional Approach
Alvaro Perez-Diaz, Enrico Gerding, Frank McGroarty

Sequential Allocation Rules are Separable: Refuting a Conjecture on Scoring-Based Allocation of Indivisible Goods
Benno Kuckuck, Jörg Rothe

Complexity of Shift Bribery in Iterative Elections
Cynthia Maushagen, Marc Neveling, Jörg Rothe, Ann-Kathrin Selker

Multi-player Flow Games
Shibashis Guha, Orna Kupferman, Gal Vardi

Shaping Opinion Dynamics in Social Networks
Abir De, Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Niloy Ganguly

Pooling or Sampling: Collective Dynamics for Electrical Flow Estimation
Luca Becchetti, Vincenzo Bonifaci, Emanuele Natale

Stability in Barter Exchange Markets
Fahad Panolan, Sushmita Gupta, Saket Saurabh, Meirav Zehavi

Behavior Model Calibration for Epidemic Simulations
Meghendra Singh, Achla Marathe, Samarth Swarup, Madhav Marathe

Industry 4.0: Repurposing Manufacturing Lines On-the-fly with Multi-agent Systems for the Web of Things
Andrei Ciortea, Simon Mayer, Florian Michahelles

Burn-In Demonstrations for Multi-Modal Imitation Learning
Alex Kuefler, Mykel Kochenderfer

Conflict-Based Search with Optimal Task Assignment
Wolfgang Hoenig, Scott Kiesel, Andrew Tinka, Joseph Durham, Nora Ayanian

Learning with Opponent-Learning Awareness
Jakob Foerster, Richard Chen, Maruan Al-Shedivat, Shimon Whiteson, Pieter Abbeel, Igor Mordatch

Training Dialogue Systems With Human Advices
Merwan Barlier, Olivier Pietquin, Romain Laroche

Market making via reinforcement learning
Thomas Spooner, John Fearnley, Rahul Savani, Andreas Koukorinis

A Formalism and an Algorithm for HTN Acting
Lavindra de Silva

Adversarial Classification on Social Networks
Sixie Yu, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Scott Alfeld

CrowdEval: A Cost-Efficient Strategy to Evaluate Crowdsourced Workers’ Reliability
Chenxi Qiu, Anna Squicciarini, Dev Khare, Barbara Carminati, James Caverlee
Combating Behavioral Deviance via User Behavior Control
Chenxi Qiu, Anna Squicciarini, Christopher Griffin, Prasanna Umar

Inferring Commitment Semantics in Multi-Agent Interactions
Paula Chocron, Marco Schorlemmer

Eligibility Traces for Options
Ayush Jain, Doina Precup

Expertise Drift in Referral Networks
Ashiqur KhudaBukhsh, Jaime Carbonell

Deep Abstract Q-Networks
Melrose Roderick, Christopher Grimm, Stefanie Tellex

Deep Learning for Revenue-Optimal Auctions with Budgets
Zhe Feng, Harikrishna Narasimhan, David Parkes

Testing Phase Space Properties of Synchronous Dynamical Systems with Nested Canalyzing Local Functions
S. S. Ravi, Daniel Rosenkrantz, Madhav Marathe, Richard Stearns

Event-Based and Scenario-Based Causality for Computational Ethics
Fiona Berreby, Gauvain Bourgne, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Judgment Aggregation with Rationality and Feasibility Constraints
Ulle Endriss

Capacity-aware Sequential Recommendations
Frits de Nijs, Georgios Theocharous, Nikos Vlassis, Mathijs de Weerdt, Matthijs Spaan

Multi-Agent Distributed Lifelong Learning for Collective Knowledge Acquisition
Mohammad Rostami, Soheil Kolouri, Kyungnam Kim, Eric Eaton

Voting with Ties: Strong Impossibilities via SAT Solving
Felix Brandt, Christian Saile, Christian Stricker

Coordination and Common Knowledge on Communication Networks
Gizem Korkmaz, Monica Capra, Adriana Kraig, Chris Kuhlman, Kiran Lakkaraju, Fernando Vega-Redondo

Deceiving Cyber Adversaries: A Game Theoretic Approach
Aaron Schlenker, Milind Tambe, Long Tran-Thanh, Phebe Vayanos, Yevgeniy Vorobeychik, Omkar Thakoor, Haifeng Xu, Fei Fang

Parity-energy ATL for qualitative and quantitative reasoning in MAS
Dario Della Monica, Aniello Murano

Distributed Strategy Adaptation with a Prediction Function in Multi-Agent Task Allocation
Joanna Turner, Qinggang Meng, Gerald Schaefer, Andrea Soltoggio

Teaching Multiple Tasks to an RL Agent using LTL
Rodrigo Toro Icarte, Toryn Klassen, Richard Valenzano, Sheila McIlraith

Discovering Blind Spots in Reinforcement Learning
Ramya Ramakrishnan, Ece Kamar, Debadeepta Dey, Julie Shah, Eric Horvitz

Crossmodal Attentive Skill Learner
Shayegan Omidshafiei, Dong-Ki Kim, Jason Pazis, Jonathan How

Adversary models account for imperfect crime data: Forecasting and planning against real-world poachers
Shahrzad Gholami, Milind Tambe, Sara Mc Carthy, Bistra Dilkina, Andrew Plumptre, Margaret Driciru, Fred Wanyama, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Mustapha Nsubaga, Joshua Mabonga, Eric Enyel, Tom Okello

Real-time Prediction of Intermediate-horizon Automotive Collision Risk
Blake Wulfe, Mykel Kochenderfer, Sunil Chintakindi, Sou Cheng Choi, Rory Hartong-Redden, Anuradha Kodali

A Closed-Form Characterization of Buyer Signaling Schemes in Monopoly Pricing
Weiran Shen, Pingzhong Tang, Yulong Zeng

Utility Decomposition with Deep Corrections for Scalable Planning under Uncertainty
Maxime Bouton, Kyle Julian, Alireza Nakhaei, Kikuo Fujimura, Mykel Kochenderfer

Coalitional Permutation Manipulations in the Gale-Shapley Algorithm
Weiran Shen, Pingzhong Tang, Yuan Deng

Clustering Behavior to Recognize Subjective Beliefs in Human-Agent Teams
David Pynadath, Ning Wang

A Stitch in Time - Autonomous Model Management via Reinforcement Learning
Elad Liebman, Eric Zavesky, Peter Stone

Three body problems in evolutionary game dynamics: Convergence, Periodicity and Limit Cycles
Sai Ganesh, Sameh Mohamed, Georgios Piliouras

Defender Stackelberg Game with Inverse Geodesic Length as Utility Metric
Haris Aziz, Serge Gaspers, Edward Lee, Kamran Najeebullah

Ordered Preference Elicitation Strategies for Supporting Multi-Objective Decision Making
Luisa Zintgraf, Diederik Roijers, Sjoerd Linders, Catholijn Jonker, Ann Nowe

Cost-Free Advertising for Selling Multiple Items in Social Networks
Dengji Zhao, Bin Li, Junping Xu, Dong Hao

Extended Abstracts

Protecting Election from Bribery: New Approach and Computational Complexity Characterization
Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Nolan Shah, Yang Lu, Shouhuai Xu, Weidong Shi, Zhimin Gao

Methods for Joining and Leaving a Flock
Katie Genter, Peter Stone

Graph theoretical properties of logic based argumentation frameworks
Bruno Yun, Madalina Croitoru, Pierre Bisquert, Srdjan Vesic

The Dynamic Maximum Coverage Problem, Towards Multi-Agent Coverage Systems Capable of Goal-Driven Planning and Tight Coordination
Loïs Vanhée, Laurent Jeanpierre, Abdel-Illah Mouaddib

A Kinetic Model of the Dynamics of Compromise in Large Multi-Agent Systems
Stefania Monica, Federico Bergenti

Service-Oriented Robot Software Development Framework for Distributed Heterogeneous Platforms
Hyesun Hong, Hanwoong Jung, KangKyu Park, Yeonggyo Yoon, Soonhoi Ha

Introspective Reinforcement Learning and Learning from Demonstration
Mao Li, Tim Brys, Daniel Kudenko

A Differential Privacy Mechanism with Network Effects for Crowdsourcing Systems
Yuan Luo, Nick Jennings

Decidable Verification of Multi-agent Systems with Bounded Private Actions
Francesco Belardinelli, Alessio Lomuscio, Aniello Murano, Sasha Rubin

An Argumentation-based Conversational Recommender System for Recommending Learning Objects
Javier Palanca Cámara, Vicente Julian, Stella Heras, Paula Rodríguez, Néstor Duque

Gaussian process vector calculus for identifying sources and sinks in the presence of multiple agents
Adam Cobb, Stephen Roberts, Andrew Markham

Is Novelty Search Good for Evolving Controllers Robust across Robot Morphologies?
Geoff Nitschke

Value-Decomposition Networks For Cooperative Multi-Agent Learning Based on Team Reward
Peter Sunehag, Guy Lever, Audrunas Gruslys, Wojtek Czarnecki, Vinicius Zambaldi, Max Jaderberg, Nicolas Sonnerat, Marc Lanctot, Joel Leibo, Karl Tuyls, Thore Graepel

GEESE: Grammatical Evolution Algorithm for Evolution of Swarm Behaviors
Aadesh Neupane, Michael A. Goodrich, Eric G. Mercer

Multi-Objective Distributed Pseudo-tree Optimization
Maxime CLEMENT, Tenda Okimoto, Katsumi Inoue

Efficient Auctions with Identity-Dependent Mixed Externalities
Chaoli Zhang, Xiang Wang, Fan Wu, Xiaohui Bei

Multiplex Network Structure Enhances the Role of Generalized Reciprocity in Promoting Cooperation
Viktor Stojkoski, Zoran Utkovski, Elisabeth Andre, Ljupco Kocarev

Preference-Guided Planning: An Active Elicitation Approach
Mayukh Das, Phillip Odom, Md. Rakibul Islam, Janardhan Rao, Dan Roth, Sriraam Natarajan

Complexity of Scheduling Charging in the Smart Grid
Mathijs de Weerdt, Michael Albert, Vincent Conitzer, Koos van der Linden

Recognising Assumption Violations in Autonomous Systems Verification
Louise Dennis, Angelo Ferrando, Davide Ancona, Michael Fisher, Viviana Mascardi

Rapid Randomized Restarts for Multi-Agent Path Finding Solvers
Liron Cohen, Glenn Wagner, David Chan, T. K. Satish Kumar, Nathan Sturtevant, Howie Choset, Sven Koenig

An Axiomatic View of the Parimutuel Consensus Wagering Mechanism
Rupert Freeman, David Pennock

Action Categorization for Computationally Improved Task Learning and Planning
Lakshmi Nair, Sonia Chernova

Gossip Gradient Descent
Yang Liu, Ji Liu, Tamer Basar

Complexity of Controlling Nearly Single-Peaked Elections Revisited
Yongjie Yang

Trust Network-based Spam Worker Identification in Crowdsourcing Environments
BIN YE, Yan Wang, Mehmet Orgun

Parameterized Complexity of Multiwinner Determination: An Effort Towards Fixed-Parameter Tractability
Yongjie Yang, Jianxin Wang

An Optimal Algorithm for the Bandits with Knowing Near-optimal Mean Reward
Shandong Yang, Yang Gao, Xingguo Chen, Hao Wang, Chenyu Zhang

Making Room for Refugees: Agent-Based Simulation of West Asian Urban Dynamics
Stefano Picascia, Ali Termos, Neil Yorke-Smith

Individual Security and Network Design with Malicious Nodes
Tomasz Janus, Mateusz Skomra, Marcin Dziubiński

The Curse of Ties in Congestion Games with Limited Lookahead
Carla Groenland, Guido Schaefer

Socially Motivated Partial Cooperation in Multi-agent Local Search
Tal Ze'evi, Roie Zivan, Omer Lev

Prosocial learning agents solve generalized Stag Hunts better than selfish ones
Alexander Peysakhovich, Adam Lerer

On the Impact of Buyers Preselection in Pricing Problems
Vittorio Bilò, Michele Flammini, Gianpiero Monaco, Luca Moscardelli

On the Weakness of Strong Stackelberg Equilibrium for Security Games
Qingyu Guo, Jiarui Gan, Fei Fang, Long Tran-Thanh, Milind Tambe, Bo An

Distributed Collaborative Reasoning for Human Activity Recognition in Smart Homes
Amina Jarraya, Amel Bouzeghoub, Amel Borgi, Khedija Arour

A Large Neighboring Search Schema for Multi-Agent Optimization
Khoi D. Hoang, Ferdinando Fioretto, William Yeoh, Enrico Pontelli, Roie Zivan

Intolerance does not necessarily lead to segregation: a computer-aided analysis of the Schelling Segregation Model
Alexander Carver, Paolo Turrini

PELTE: Privacy Estimation of Images from Tags
Abdurrahman Can Kurtan, Pinar Yolum

Multi-Agent Norm Learning from Observations
Vasanth Sarathy, Giordano Ferreira, Matthias Scheutz

Eliciting Truthful Unverifiable Information
Shani Alkoby, David Sarne, Erel Segal-Halevi, Tomer Sharbaf

Trial without Error: Towards Safe Reinforcement Learning via Human Intervention
William Saunders, Girish Sastry, Andreas Stuhlmuller, Owain Evans

Foresee: Attentive Future Projections of Chaotic Road Environments with Online Training
Anil Sharma, Arun Balaji Buduru

Modeling Consecutive Task Learning with Task Graph Agendas
David Isele, Eric Eaton, Mark Roberts, David Aha

PANO: Privacy Auctioning for Online Social Networks
Onuralp Ulusoy, Pinar Yolum

Robust Deep Reinforcement Learning with Adversarial Attacks
Anay Pattanaik, Shuijing Liu, Zhenyi Tang, Gautham Bommannan, Girish Chowdhary

CityScope Andorra: A multi-level interactive and tangible agent-based visualization
Arnaud Grignard, Nuria Macia, Luis Alonso, Ariel Noyman, Yan Zhang, Marc Vilella, Kent Larson

Overlapping Coalition Formation via Probabilistic Topic Modeling
Michalis Mamakos, Georgios Chalkiadakis

AgentSpeak(ER): An Extension of AgentSpeak(L) improving Encapsulation and Reasoning about Goals
Alessandro Ricci, Rafael H. Bordini, Rem Collier, Jomi Fred Hubner

A Study of AI Population Dynamics with Million-agent Reinforcement Learning
Yaodong Yang, Yiwei Bai, Jun Wang, Ying Wen, Lantao Yu, Weinan Zhang, Yong Yu

Robust Multi-Agent Path Finding
Dor Atzmon, Roni Stern, Ariel Felner, Roman Barták, Glenn Wagner, Neng-Fa Zhou

Incorporating Chorus Line Effect into A Cucker-Smale System for Fast Manoeuvre Tracking
Jing Ma, Edmund M-K Lai

Resisting Exploitation Through Rewiring In Social Networks: How Parity, Sympathy and Reciprocity Can Increase Social Welfare
Sandip Sen, Chad Crawford, Rachna Nandakumar

When less is more: Reducing agent noise with probabilistically learning agents
Jen Jen Chung, Scott Chow, Kagan Tumer

A Memory-based Multiagent Framework for Adaptive Decision Making
Shauharda Khadka, Connor Yates, Kagan Tumer

Multi-Agent Path Finding with Deadlines
Hang Ma, Glenn Wagner, Ariel Felner, Jiaoyang Li, T. K. Satish Kumar, Sven Koenig

Interpretable Robust Decision Making
Hal Cooper, Garud Iyengar, Ching-Yung Lin

Argumentation with Goals for Clinical Decision Support in Multimorbidity
Tiago Oliveira, Jérémie Dauphin, Ken Satoh, Shusaku Tsumoto

Enhanced Delta-tolling: Traffic Optimization via Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning
Hamid Mirzaei Buini, Guni Sharon, Stephen Boyles, Tony Givargis, Peter Stone

Surrogate Difference Evaluations with Limited Peer to Peer Communications
Steven King, adarsh kesireddy, Scott Forer, Logan Yliniemi

Learning Agents in Financial Markets: Consensus Dynamics on Volatility
Tushar Vaidya, Carlos Murguia, Georgios Piliouras

Neither dumb nor optimal: plausible wayfinding in pedestrian agent-based models
Giuseppe Vizzari, Luca Crociani, Stefania Bandini

Opponent Modeling in Data Collection Game using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Zhi Xing, Jae Oh

Solving the Synergistic Team Formation Problem
Ewa Andrejczuk, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar, Filippo Bistaffa, Carles Sierra, Christian Blum

Mitigating the Curse of Correlation in Security Games by Entropy Maximization
Haifeng Xu, Shaddin Dughmi, Milind Tambe, Venil Loyd Noronha

The Dynamics of Opinion Evolution in Gossiper-Media Model with WoLS-CALA Learning
Chengwei Zhang, Jianye Hao, Xiaohong Li, Sandip Sen, Wanli Xue

Timing Rating Requests for Maximizing Obtained Rating
Guy Cohen, David Sarne

SCC-rFMQ learning in Cooperative Markov Games with Continuous Actions
Chengwei Zhang, Jianye Hao, Xiaohong Li, Siqi Chen, Karl Tuyls

Formalising Oughts and Practical Knowledge without Resorting to Action Types
Jan Broersen, Aldo Iván Ramírez Abarca

Adaptive Incentive Selection for Crowdsourcing Contests
Nhat Truong, Sebastian Stein, Long Tran-Thanh, Nick Jennings

Balanced outcomes in wage bargaining
Pingzhong Tang, Dingli Yu

Resource Logics with a Diminishing Resource
Natasha Alechina, Brian Logan

Combining Prediction of Human Decisions with ISMCTS in Imperfect Information Games
Moshe Bitan, Sarit Kraus

SMT-Based Diagnosis of Multi-Agent Temporal Plans
Gianluca Torta, Roberto Micalizio

Deep Multiagent Q-Learning for Autonomous Agents in Future Smart Grid
Yaodong Yang, Jianye Hao, Mingyang Sun, Zan Wang, Goran Strbac

Evolving Coverage Behaviours For MAVs Using NEAT
James Butterworth, Bastian Broecker, Karl Tuyls, Paolo Paoletti

Planning Using a Portfolio of Reduced Models with Cost Adjustments
Sandhya Saisubramanian, Shlomo Zilberstein, Prashant Shenoy

The generalized N&K value, an axiomatic mechanism for electricity trading
Mark Burgess, Archie Chapman, Paul Scott

Addressing Concept Drift in Reputation Assessment
Caroline Player, Nathan Griffiths

Guiding Reinforcement Learning Exploration Using Natural Language
Brent Harrison, Mark Riedl, Upol Ehsan

How Bad is Selfish Doodle Voting?
Barbara Anthony, Christine Chung

Learning-Aware Human-Centered Collaborative Task Assignment in Open Environments
Adam Eck, Leen-Kiat Soh, Bin Chen

Detection of Intelligent Agent Behaviors using Markov Chains
Riccardo Sartea, Alessandro Farinelli

Agent Strategies for Hide and Seek Game
Akshat Tandon, Kamalakar Karlapalem

Trend-Following Trading Strategies and Financial Market Stability
Erik Brinkman, Michael Wellman, Uday Rajan

Collective Adaptation through Concurrent Planning: The Case of Sustainable Urban Mobility
Antonio Bucchiarone, Fahmida Khandokar, Daniel Furelos, Anders Jonsson, Monjur Mourshed

Probabilistic Verification for Obviously Strategyproof Mechanisms
Diodato Ferraioli, Carmine Ventre

Evaluating Generalization In Multiagent Systems using Agent-Interaction Graphs
Aditya Grover, Maruan Al-Shedivat, Jayesh Gupta, Yura Burda, Harrison Edwards

Learning Game-theoretic Models from Aggregate Behavioral Data with Applications to Vaccination Rates in Public Health
Hau Chan, Luis Ortiz

Symbolic Dynamic Programming for Risk-sensitive Markov Decision Process with limited budget
Daniel A. de Melo Moreira, Karina V. Delgado, Leliane Nunes de Barros

From Individual Goals to Collective Decisions
Arianna Novaro, Umberto Grandi, Dominique Longin, Emiliano Lorini

RAIL: Risk-Averse Imitation Learning
Anirban Santara, Abhishek Naik, Balaraman Ravindran, Dipankar Das, Dheevatsa Mudigere, Sasikanth Avancha, Bharat Kaul

One-Shot Learning using Mixture of Variational Autoencoders: a Generalization Learning approach
Decebal Constantin Mocanu, Elena Mocanu

FActCheck: Keeping Activation of Fake News at Check
Ajitesh Srivastava, Rajgopal Kannan, Charalampos Chelmis, Viktor K. Prasanna

Towards Online Goal Recognition Combining Goal Mirroring and Landmarks
Mor Vered, Ramon Fraga Pereira, Maurício Cecílio Magnaguagno, Felipe Meneguzzi, Gal Kaminka

Industrial Symbiotic Networks as Coordinated Games
Vahid Yazdanpanah, Devrim Murat Yazan, W. Henk M. Zijm

Real-time Machine Learning Prediction of an Agent-Based Model for Urban Decision-making
Yan Zhang, Arnaud Grignard, Kevin Lyons, Alexander Aubuchon, Kent Larson

Analyzing the Effect of Information Stagnancy on the Distributed Stochastic Algorithm
Saeid Samadidana, Roger Mailler

How Implicit Communication Emerges during Conversation Game
Bohao Wang, Hirotaka Osawa, Ken Satoh

A simple and efficient algorithm to compute epsilon-equilibria of discrete Colonel Blotto games
Patrick Loiseau, Alonso Silva, Dong Quan Vu

Fairness in multiagent resource allocation with dynamic and partial observations
Aurélie Beynier, Nicolas Maudet, Anastasia Damamme

Dynamic Traveling Repairmen Bounty Hunters
Drew Wicke, Ermo Wei, Sean Luke

An Agent-Based Traffic Signal Timing System for Alleviating Urban Traffic Congestion
Behnam Torabi, Rym Wenkstern, Robert Saylor

Algorithms to Manage Load Shedding Events in Developing Countries
Olabambo Oluwasuji, Sarvapali Ramchurn, Malik Obaid, Jie Zhang

Nash equilibrium computation in resource allocation games
Shivam Gupta, Ruta Mehta

Characterizing the Limits of Autonomous Systems
Junzhe Zhang, Elias Bareinboim

Execution Skill Estimation
Delma Nieves-Rivera, Christopher Archibald

Zero Shot Transfer Learning for Robot Soccer
Devin Schwab, Yifeng Zhu, Manuela Veloso

A Geometric Least Squares Method for Peer Assessment
Mingyu Xiao, Yuqing Wang, Binglin Tao

Recognizing Plans by Learning Embeddings from Observed Action Distributions
Yantian Zha, Yikang Li, Sriram Gopalakrishnan, Baoxin Li, Subbarao Kambhampati

Designing Incentives to Maximize the Adoption of Rooftop Solar Technology
Aparna Gupta, Ryan Graham, Samarth Swarup, Kiran Lakkaraju, Joshua Letchford, Achla Marathe, Anil Vullikanti

Bi-Directional Information Exchange in Decentralized Schedule-Driven Traffic Control
Hsu-Chieh Hu, Stephen Smith

Online Multi-Robot Coverage: Evaluating Assumptions and Metrics
Elizabeth Jensen, Maria Gini

Minimax-Regret Querying on Side Effects for Safe Optimality in Factored Markov Decision Processes
Shun Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh

Leveraging Observational Learning for Exploration in Bandits
Andrei Lupu, Audrey Durand, Doina Precup

Bidding Strategies for Periodic Double Auctions Using Monte Carlo Tree Search
Moinul Morshed Porag Chowdhury, Christopher Kiekintveld, Son Tran, William Yeoh

Ex-post IR dynamic auctions with cost-per-action payments
Weiran Shen, Zihe Wang, Song Zuo

StarCraft as a Testbed for Engineering Complex Distributed Systems Using Cognitive Agent Technology
Vincent Koeman, Harm Griffioen, Danny Plenge, Koen Hindriks

Optimal Multiphase Investment Strategies for Influencing Opinions in a Social Network
Swapnil Dhamal, Walid Ben-Ameur, Tijani Chahed, Eitan Altman

Using Distributed Ledger Technology for Shareholder Rights Management
Grammateia Kotsialou, Luke Riley, Amrita Dhillon, Toktam Mahmoodi, Peter McBurney, Paul Massey, Richard Pearce