Stockholm as the capital of Sweden is well connected and easy to reach by plane, train or bus. There are even regular connections by ship to Stockholm. The webpage gives excellent information on Stockholm, how to reach it and what to do here.

Traveling to Stockholm

There are four airports in the Stockholm area, but only two of them are really in or well connected to Stockholm center. We describe here how to reach Stockholm Central Station. On the tab about the conference venue, you can find information about how to reach Stockholmsmässan from Stockholm Central Station.

The main international airport in Stockholm is Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN). It is located ca. 40km north of the city centre, between Stockholm and Uppsala. It is one of the major hubs for Scandinavian Airlines (Star Alliance Member) and offers frequent flights to and from major European cities and beyond. Also a number of low-cost airlines, such as Norwegian fly to Arlanda. The airport has 5 terminals, yet has a convenient size with short walking distances.

From each of the terminals one can access a high-speed train called Arlanda Express to Stockholm Central Station that takes only 20 minutes (but costs 280SEK = ca. $34 or €28). Arlanda Express leaves the airport every 15 minutes.

Arlanda Airport also has a railway station: Arlanda C between Terminal 5 and Terminal 4 in “Sky City” and offers commuter train connections – twice per hour – to Stockholm Central Station. That journey takes about 40 to 45 minutes. There is a special fee for traveling to Arlanda by train, so the prices are slightly higher.

The cheapest possibility from Arlanda to Stockhom is offered by a bus company called Flybussarna. Their buses cost 99SEK (if ticket is bought on the internet, slightly higher if bought at the driver or the ticket machines at the airport). The busses to Stockholm Central Station take ca. 45 minutes. They also connect to other destinations in the Stockholm area, yet not to Älvsjo/Stockholmsmässan.

Of course, all major rental car companies are present at Arlanda Airport. If you do not want to drive, taxis are also available.

The other three airports are

  • Bromma Stockholm Airport with mostly national connections and only a few international ones, is located rather centrally in the Stockholm area. Flygbussarna also connects Bromma to the Central Station. The trip takes about 20 minutes and leaves Bromma every 20 minutes during the day.
  • Skavska Airport is located more than 100km south west of Stockholm. Ryanair operates from Skavska. Also Flygbussarna connect Skavska and Stockholm Central with buses departing 20-30 minutes after arrivals.
  • Västerås Airport is located more than 100km north west of Stockholm. It is mainly Ryanair that uses this airport. Also this airport is served by Flygbussarna in connection with scheduled flights. There are also local busses that connect to Västerås railway station from where there it takes 1h by train to Stockholm Central Station.

Stockholm Central Station is also a major train hub. The Swedish Railway Company SJ connects not just to other major cities in Scandinavia, but also beyond. For example, using a fast train, it takes ca. 5h 30 minutes to travel between Copenhagen Central Station and Stockholm Central Station. The earlier a ticket is booked, the cheaper it is. Sweden is a country in which there are still comfortable night trains.

For more details about traveling by plane to Stockholm, see

Traveling within Stockholm

It is not really recommended to drive a car in Stockholm. A congestion toll has been introduced a couple of years ago and parking costs a fortune. The public transportation network is excellent, so there is actually no need to use a car. There are busses, trams, commuter trains, even boats that transport persons to any area in town. The network is operated by SL. All registered participants will receive a SL Travel card that gives access to the network, including the train to Älvsjö were Stockholmsmässan is located.