Accepted Papers : Socially Interactive Agents Track

Full Papers

Combining Planning with Gaze for Online Human Intention Recognition
Tim Miller, Ronal Singh, Joshua Newn, Liz Sonenberg, Eduardo Velloso, Frank Vetere

Exploring the impact of fault justification in human-robot trust
Filipa Correia, Carla Guerra, Samuel Mascarenhas, Francisco S. Melo, Ana Paiva

The Effects of Past Experience on Trust in Repeated Human-Agent Teamwork
Feyza Hafizoglu, Sandip Sen

Engineering Social Agent Creation into an Opportunity for Interviewing and Interpersonal Skills Training
Shivashankar Halan, Benjamin Lok, Isaac Sia, Anna Miles, Michael Crary

Learning Sharing Behaviors with Arbitrary Numbers of Agents
Katherine Metcalf, Barry-John Theobald, Nicholas Apostoloff

Virtually Bad: A Study on Virtual Agents that Physically Threaten Human Beings
Tibor Bosse, Tilo Hartmann, Romy Blankendaal, Nienke Dokter, Marco Otte, Linford Goedschalk

MARSSI: Model of Appraisal, Regulation, and Social Signal Interpretation
Patrick Gebhard, Tanja Schne, Tobias Baur, Elisabeth Andre

Automatic Nonverbal Behavior Generation from Image Schemas
Brian Ravenet, Chloé Clavel, Catherine Pelachaud

Satisficing Models of Bayesian Theory of Mind to Explain the Behavior of Differently Uncertain Agents
Jan Pöppel, Stefan Kopp

Challenges in Exploiting Conversational Memory in Human-Agent Interaction
Joana Campos, James Kennedy, Jill Fain Lehman

Field Study Analysis of a Socially Aware Robot Assistant
Florian Pecune, Justine Cassell, Jingya Chen, Yoichi Matsuyama

Welcome to the Real World: How Agent Strategy Increases Human Willingness to Deceive
Johnathan Mell, Gale Lucas, Jonathan Gratch

I Know What You Don't Know: Proactive Learning through Targeted Human Interaction
Abdelwahab Bourai, Jaime Carbonell

Communicative Listener Feedback in Human–Agent Interaction: Artificial Speakers Need to Be Attentive and Adaptive
Hendrik Buschmeier, Stefan Kopp
A Social Robot System for Modeling Children's Word Pronunciation
Samuel Spaulding, Huili Chen, Safinah Ali, Michael Kulinski, Cynthia Breazeal

Prediction of Student Achievement Goals and Emotion Valence during Interaction with Pedagogical Agents
Sébastien Lallé, Cristina Conati, Roger Azevedo

Extended Abstracts

Social Kinematics of Virtual Agents
David Jeong, Dan Feng

Sensitivity To Perceived Mutual Understanding In Co-Creative Human-Robot Interactions
alexis jacq, Julien Magnan, Maria Ferreira, Pierre Dillenbourg, Ana Paiva

NADiA - Neural Network Driven Virtual Human Conversation Agents
Jason Wu, Sayan Ghosh, Mathieu Chollet, Steven Ly, Sharon Mozgai, Stefan Scherer

Benchmark Framework for Virtual Students Reactive Behaviours
Jean-luc Lugrin, Fred Charles, Michael Habel, Matthews Jamie, Julie Porteous, Henrik Dudaczy, Sebastian Oberdörfer, Alice Wittmann, Christian Seufert, Silke Grafe, Marc Latoschik

Virtual Agent Interaction Framework (VAIF): A Tool for Rapid Development of Social Agents
Ivan Gris, David Novick

Shaping Gestures to Shape Personality: Big-Five Traits, Godspeed Scores and the Similarity-Attraction Effect
Bart Craenen, Amol Deshmukh, Mary Ellen Foster, Alessandro Vinciarelli

Shaping Cooperation between Humans and Agents with Emotion Expressions and Framing
Celso de Melo, Peter Khooshabeh, Ori Amir, Jonathan Gratch

Avoiding breakdown of conversational dialogue through inter-robots coordination
Hiroaki Sugiyama, Toyomi Meguro, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Junji Yamato

I've got the power's value! A computational model to evaluate the interlocutor's behaviors in collaborative negotiation
lydia ould ouali, Nicolas Sabouret, Charles Rich

Motor Resonance as Indicator for Quality of Interaction - Does it Scale to Natural Movements?
Frank Foerster, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Chrystopher Nehaniv

Investigating social distances between humans, virtual humans and virtual robots in mixed reality
Christopher Peters, Fangkai Yang, Chengjie Li, Gabriel Skantze, Vanya Avramova

Towards an Online Emotional Support Agent: Identifying Emotional Support Strategies via Crowdsourcing
Lenin Medeiros, Tibor Bosse

How to shape the humor of a robot? Behavioral adaptation based on continuous social cues
Klaus Weber, Hannes Ritschel, Florian Lingenfelser, Elisabeth Andre

Robot Expressive Behaviour and Autistic Traits
Peter McKenna, Ruth Aylett, Ayan Ghosh, Frank Broz, Gnanathusharan Rajendran

Socially-Conditioned Task Reasoning for a Virtual Tutoring Agent
Zian Zhao, Michael Madaio, Florian Pecune, Yoichi Matsuyama, Justine Cassell

Modelling Conflict Dynamics in Dyadic Interactions
Joana Campos, Carlos Martinho, Ana Paiva

Sara: An Emotionally Aware Embodied Conversational Agent
Samuel Sohn, Xun Zhang, Mubbasir Kapadia, Fernando Geraci

Investigating the Role of Memory and Communication in Navigating Unseen Environments using Cognitive Maps
Samuel Sohn, Serena De Stefani, Mubbasir Kapadia